Do we have a Metabase build with the last commits?

I checked the last commits of Metabase’s master branch and it seems that several bugfixes were created and also some new interesting features, such as multi select in Field Filter. However, I was not able to find a docker image or build (JAR, AWS, etc.) that contain these new updates. Do anyone know where can I find this? Or do I have to create by myself these builds?

If Docker is your thing:

I believe it’s getting updated for each built “green” commit on GitHub metabase/master

A hotfix branch build

edit: If you are looking for a build of what’s currently merged into next hotfix branch e.g. release-0.28.2 before it’s out – or any other branch for that matter I guess a quick git clone + build is your best option. Here’s a starting point:

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There is another option to visualize the latest updates. One can select RC tags from oficial docker image. =)

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