Docker image for arm

Hello, I use, in a container hosted on an arm server, a piece of software that integrates with metabase. I unfortunately cannot benefit from that integration since metabase provides no official image on arm. Is is possible that metabase publish such an image ?

Hi! I suggest you read the thread on which explains how to build your own ARM container. Metabase can't ship an ARM container yet as the eclipse-temurin alpine image does not have an ARM base image yet. Building an ARM container image is pretty easy in fact, as Metabase is a JAVA application, you just have to use an ARM compatible container base image and just insert the file inside and run it

Sure, but the absence of an official image prevents crowdsec from enabling their dashboard to arm users.

@Eirikr70 I think I already answered you a few weeks ago: Install with docker on arm

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