Don't want a second y-axis

I went through the process of adding a second series to my line chart, but it wants to chart the second series on a separate y-axis. I’m trying to compare this week to last week and it’s not allowing for me to plot them on the same y-axis. I’m assuming my one high value from last week is causing this. Is there an option that I’m missing?

Metabase tries to be helpful, but sometimes it doesn’t quite line things up right.

We’re shipping more options around this soon.

Also, if it isn’t sensitive, could you share the graph with us? We’d like to try to find a way to make our axis assignment smarter, and it sounds like you found a shortcoming.

I took out the series labels, with blue charted on the left axis (peaking around 1800, with the other values between 100 and 500). Green charted on the right with all values between 90 and 130. It honestly makes sense that they would be on separate axes, this is just a specific case where it’s not ideal.

Got it.

We’ll be including charting controls in 0.19 that should allow you to manually clean this up.