Drill Down Tab is not showing up

I just installed metabase enterprise docker image , updated it with the license key and was attempting the drilldown capability. I am running queries against gbq as well as included sample dataset


I created a summary chart and added it to a dashboard. Was then expecting that if I edit the chart on the dashboard, the drill down tab did not show up at all.

Does anyone have a fix for this. Is there something I need to enable.?

Was unable to find any existing bugs about this topic of the drill through not showing up

Hi @apmishra
For Enterprise Edition, please use support AT metabase.com - remember to include “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting, and any other information/settings to help you solve the problem.

And please see documentation on the website, since the Github page has some extra formatting symbols:

Thank you. Support answered the question by asking me to switch to v1.33.5.1

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