Drill-through popup on 1.45.2

Upgraded today from 1.44.6 to 1.45.2.
How can I remove this popup?

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Unfortunately there's no way to disable that pop-up. Is there a reason why you want to disable it?

Thank you for the answer.

I'd like to disable the popup because I don't want to underline that there's no drill-through on those points.
I'd really like the user to visualize a graph that doesn't seem interactive, without the mouse pointer to change to an hand and any popup appearing. Maybe it would be an acceptable popup if only the value on that point was highlighted without other messages, but this way it's like I'm only showing that there's a mistake or laziness that there's no drill through.

Then the link can take the user away from my app or get distracted, immediately becomes redundant and makes the app lose neutrality.

These are all valid points! Thank you for sharing and I agree when you look at it from that point of view

Yeah unfortunately the only way to remove this would be to change the code and do your own custom build.