Drop using dashboard filters the default filter value set in the graph

I have set the default value of the field filter(which is responsible for the month) to the current month in my chart. And I am really happy that when I added my chart to the dashboard, the default value still worked and showed the current month. It also worked when I selected another month, and showed data for the selected month!
But when I set the dashboard filter Quarter to the value "Q1 2023" (for example), my chart showed no results because the current month is July and nothing in July matches Q1 2023.
So my question is if I can configure the behavior of the chart this way:

  1. When I open the dashboard, my chart shows the current month
  2. When I select quarter or year filter, the chart's default value is cleared and the selected date is displayed in all charts in the dashboard

I would be really grateful for your help!!! (hope this behavior is possible :grinning:)