Dropdown Filter sometimes does not populated


Here is everything i see in the JSON object minus the fields with sensitive info 24%20PM13%20PM01%20PM


Pretty sure you’re not looking at the /api/field/X request.
The /api/field/X/values request will not have any meta data, but just the values for the dropdown.


Yeah that is not the field api request, that is the JSON object that i posted earlier. I will get those field requests once i get it to work. The reason i believe it to be a caching or syncing issue is the dropdowns seem to be working every 30 mins or so then they stop working after a minute or so.


But if it has something to do with sync, then check your sync settings. And you should see something in the logs.


Here’s what one of my dashboards with a single filter gives me:

         "cache_field_values_schedule":"0 0 0 * * ? *",
         "metadata_sync_schedule":"0 0 * * * ? *",



You might want to dig around in the internal Metabase database - hopefully you’re not using H2.
You’ll most likely find something in the table metabase_fieldvalues - but there are a lot of tables, which could have interesting data concerning this issue.


Here is the JSON object for the values request 04%20PM


That’s the field meta request - the values are coming in a second request. But the field meta looks fine, so I’m guessing the dropdown works in that case.
You have to monitor/test and see what happens, when the dropdown doesn’t work.