Dropdown Linked filter

Need a step by step details how to achive Linked filter dropdownlist.

For Example:- There are two drop down in the dasboard state and city. On selecting the state. pericticalar city of that state should get populated to another city drop down list.

Approach followed:-
(using two different queries for both dropdownlist)

1)state dropdown loads all the states: query configured as 'select distinct atrmasterdata.state from laurusis.ard_atrmasterdata atrmasterdata
where atrmasterdata.activeflag = 'Y' and atrmasterdata.lang_id=1';

2)query configured for city dropdown as 'SELECT DISTINCT city
FROM laurusis.ard_atrmasterdata
WHERE activeflag = 'Y'
AND lang_id = 1
AND state= {{state_type_variable}};

linked filter option enabled for city dropdownlist

But when selecting state, city is not loading.

(please attach a screenshot to resolve the poroblem if possible)

Any update on this issue?