Dynamic dashboard layout

Hello, I would like to create a dashboard for call center agent KPI’s. Each call center team has a different set of KPI’s that they would like to see on their dashboard, up to a limit of 6. Each KPI is a question using the number format. Is it possible to create a filter or pass a parameter that will only show the questions for the KPI’s that the team wants to appear on their “customized” dashboard. (There are too many permutations to create separate dashboards for each set of KPI’s.) So the effect would be a dynamic layout of questions selected by the user.

So, just to try to understand/restate, all the questions are predefined (already set up manually)? And you then want to pick any given combination of those out by e.g. specifying any arbitrary list of question ids?

yes, that is correct.

The filtering/parameter passing currently implemented only applies filtering on the data values in each of the question cards already placed on a dashboard. What you’re describing is controlling if the cards should even be displayed or not.

I think the easiest route to implement what you’re after is probably through calling the REST API: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/wiki/Using-the-REST-API.

The other thing that might come close to something you can build this on is the “automagic” dashboard building as touched on here: Providing a file based card and dashboard approach

Alternatively, have a separate web page and embed questions in it based upon the user. Means having a different authentication system or passing the required questions on the url, but easy enough.

I greatly appreciate the suggestions, many thanks!

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