Dynamic pivoted dashboard

Hello, you all!

Here’s my issue: i’m trying to create a dashboard template that reflects the plots for answers given to specific questions, based on what users responded.

The main challenge is that i’m trying to use a SINGLE dashboard for different sets of questions - so, imagine that for each “set” of questions, i have a different number of “sets” of answers. By that, i’d like that the number of plots reflected dynamically change so that the answers analysis correspond to the number of questions.

My thoughts is that it would be something like a pivot. Is there any way i can do that using metabase?


Hi @paulomoura94
Pivot Tables will be part of Metabase 0.38 - it’s coming soon, but you can try the release candidate if you want:
But it sounds like you should use cross filters or custom destinations instead of “one big monster” dashboard:

Hi, @flamber ! Thanks for your help.

Actually, I don’t think that custom destinations or cross filtering would help me, because I’m trying to “automatically” generate a new section in my dashboard corresponding to the number of questions that set contains.

Lets say that, for the first “set”, I have 3 questions, so it would have 3 sections containing the analysis of the answers. In the next “set”, I have 5 questions, so it would have 5 different sections containing the analysis. I’d like that to be “automatically” generated, corresponding to the number of questions I have.

It’s kinda hard to explain, so I’m sorry if I made it confusing hahaha.

Thanks again!

@paulomoura94 It sounds exactly like this topic: Dynamic dashboard

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