Easy to read release notes?

Just received the email about the 0.34 RC, but this is something that’s been annoying me for a while - it there an easy to read set of release notes? I’d like to know what’s new and what’s fixed without trawling through the horror that is GitHub.

@AndrewMBaines I’m sure that @maz will post a nice version on the release page, but the short version of RC1 is:

  • A lot of major timezone fixes - too many to list, since I’m still finding old issues that are fixed by those changes.
  • Data values on charts (i.e. numbers displayed on top of bar charts) #4788
  • Support for Native variables/parameters in MongoDB #3653
  • Easier drag-n-drop cards on dashboard to outside the view port #5333
  • Fix for stack-overflow/freeze on dashboards in some browsers (handful of issues)
  • Pie chart infinite loop #11122
  • Updated Native/SQL editor #11361
  • Updated maps, ISO compliant and much smaller file size

And about 20 other various things listed on the Github :horror: :smiley:

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