EB application update not reflected in Metabase


Based on the instructions provided (https://metabase.com/docs/v0.32.5/operations-guide/running-metabase-on-elastic-beanstalk.html#deploying-new-versions-of-metabase), I successfully updated the Elastic Beanstalk application to 0.32.5.

But the Metabase UI still shows the old version. Restarting the beanstalk app servers also didn’t help.

Could you please look into this issue and advise?

Hi @jbanerjee
Which version are you upgrading from?
Have you given the upload different names? Since I don’t think you can overwrite an existing image.
And may I recommend downloading 0.32.8 instead.

Hi @flamber,
I upgraded from version 0.29.3. Yes, the version label is named differently.
The Elastic Beanstalk application upgrade and deployment went through successfully, but when I log into Metabase, it shows the original version (and interface).

Check the EB log to see if it is actually starting the new version. And try incognito-mode in your browser, just to make sure it’s not a cache issue.

The EB event log does mention it started the new version. Also tried incognito mode in browser as well as cleared cache and retried.

If it doesn’t seem to be starting the new version, then sounds like it’s actually not updating EB successfully. The EB log should tell you which image it’s trying to load.
What’s the size of the image? 0.29.3 should be around 160MB and 0.32.8 should be around 240MB.

Where do I see the size of the image? Can we have a quick call sometime tomorrow? I can do a screen share.


You’re using the open source version, which doesn’t come with any support - besides what is provided in the forum.
If you want more support, then you need to get the Enterprise Edition.
I don’t have AWS, but most other platforms shows the size of image/container/instance.
Maybe someone else with AWS knowledge will chime in.

I hope you’re storing the internal H2 metadata outside the EB - otherwise you’ll lose that when upgrading. Always make sure you backup before you upgrade.
It would probably be best if you migrate the metadata to Postgres or MySQL, then you can just delete the old EB and create a new EB, since all the settings (aka metadata) is stored elsewhere.