Elapsed Time support

Is there a way to use a TIME field not as a time of day, but as an amount of time.
For instance, Jan took 5 min 15 sec to run a mile.

Then on top of this, is there a way to find the average?
For instance, the racers were in in 5 min 20 secs on average?

Hi @samcurbsid
It’s currently not something Metabase would be good at. Upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post of each issue:
It would require something like this:
And time/date fields have very limited aggregation options:

I have found a solution. It involves converts.
Convert the time to seconds, then average, then convert back to time. Then finally convert to nvarcgar to get rid of time of day formatting. Example:
CONVERT(NVARCHAR(8), CONVERT(TIME, DATEADD(SECOND,Avg(DATEPart(SECOND, time_createdtoclosed) + (DATEPart(MINUTE, time_createdtoclosed) * 60) + (DATEPart(HOUR, time_createdtoclosed) * 360)), 0))