Email Pulse Showing no Results

Metabase Version: v1.44.4
Database: Postgres

Problem: Sometimes the email pulse show no results even if there is data returned by the query.

Example: I had an email pulse scheduled for October 13th 6pm and it was sucessfully sent. When I checked the email there was no results but then I opened the dashboard and there was some data there that should've been sent.

Hi @bernardo6526
The email shows a "slice" in time, so if there were no results, when the subscription was executed, then the email will reflect that. There might be data now if you visit the dashboard.

Hi @flamber , thanks for the quick response.

The problem is: the data was there before the email pulse. We have on our company database a field named "created_at" that shows when the data was created. The data that should've been sent was created at October 13th 10:49am. So at 6pm that same data should've been sent. We also checked the database logs and confirmed that our database was online at that time.

@bernardo6526 Okay, every time I have seen something like that reported, then some ETL script had not updated the database yet, so Metabase is not able to see any data because it's not there at that time.
It's quite complicated the troubleshoot such issues without looking at the database exactly around the specific time, so you can see the dashboard and email and database results exactly at the same time.