Emails not being sent - Docker image


I’ve just setup the docker image and am having trouble getting emails going.

I’ve tried both a known good smtp config and my google account as smtp options but nothing is arriving.

How can I look into smtp errors within the docker image? docker log is not returning anything about smtp.

Thanks for your help!

running docker logs -f <container> should get you all the application logs.

from there if there was an error sending an email you should see something in the logs akin to …

2015-10-29 11:27:29,669 [WARN ] :: Failed to send email:  Unknown SMTP host: busted

let me know if that helps you out.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t see any messages saying there was an error or anything about SMTP activity.

I’m just sharing my login to get around this problem for now.

question. are you trying to use an smtp connection that doesn’t require a username and password? did you leave those fields blank?