Embed security w/JWT re-issue

Is there a way to do a JWT re-issue without having to refresh the iframe? GitHub’s
Proposal: simplify and unify embedding implementation #9494, suggestion #5 in particular sounds promising to resolve Improved Embed Security #8111 (short (1s) JWT expiration) but it seems that route requires refreshing the iframe. And that means a somewhat jarring end user experience, time lag, and loss of previous dropdown settings rather than the smooth data retrieval each time a new filter selection is made.

Cursory research has turned up topics such as silent refresh, ajax, access vs refresh token, cookies, and so on. With my limited understanding of this technical area it just seems that in the case Metabase embeds it still requires an iframe refresh in the end. Has anyone succeeded in using short JWT expirations with Metabase embeds that doesn’t wreck the end user experience?