Embedding Blocked

I have successfully deployed metabase using a container on Google Cloud. We are connecting it to a postgres database on CloudSql. Everything appears to be working great except for embedding. When I go to embed a specific dashboard, the preview pane shows an error with the message:

Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension.

I am not sure if it is with our setup or something else. Anyone have any ideas how to fix it?


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Please disregard my message.
After looking at the code, I realized my mistake.
We recently changed the site to be https and the site url was still set to http.
I will leave this here in case anyone else runs across the same problem.

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Are you maybe running Metabase on http:// but the page embedding it is running https:// or something? Then you need to run … ah just saw your own reply … anyways … I’ll leave this as well

In relation to this, does anyone know a solid guide I can follow for making my metabase beanstalk instance to run on https

@pacman There’s some documentation on how to that here: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/operations-guide/running-metabase-on-elastic-beanstalk#running-metabase-over-https