Embeding multiple dashboards

Hi metabase team.
In my company we already use metabase dashboards embeded in our application but we have a question about how can we could evolve our embeded dashboards.
What we want to do is: embed multiple metabase dashboards in one sigle page of our produt and, to avoid pollute the page, we´d like to only show the "Powered by Metabase" logo once,
According to the Embedding License it´s clear that we must show the logo, but it´s not so clear if we must do it one time for every dashboard (even if there a multiple dashboards on the same page) or if once in a page with multiple dashboards is good enought.

Thank you

Hi @gabi
The logo has to be shown on every embed. If you want to hide the logo, then Premium Embedding is available: https://store.metabase.com/product/embedding

Hi @flamber!

Even if it's like the following example?
See, the 3 rectagles marked as 1, 2 and 3 would be embeded dashboards (with only one question in each one). We would show the "Powered by Metabase" logo on the footer of the page (it also could be on the top of the page or any other position that is recommended).

In this specific exemple, could we proceed with the open source version as we are ideed showing the logo, but only once on the page?

@gabi But why not just use a single embedded dashboard with multiple cards?
You should contact sales https://www.metabase.com/contact/ (Other services).

Because we have cases when some of the queries will have values but others won´t, and we want to be able to hide the questions if it has no values on it (instead of showing de classic "no result" empty box with a fly). If we embed a single dashboard with multiple questions it´s not possible =(

Already sent a message to the team, thank you!!