Enterprise License (Embed + Sandbox)

Hello forum -

We are SaaS company looking to use Metabase as the embedded web application for our SaaS clients and data sandboxing. We have been trying to reach out to sales and did not get a response for more than a month now. We can see that the premium embedding license and terms are clear but the add-on for Sandboxing is not and we do not care about the rest of the features.

We would appreciate a follow up so we can understand how to utilize the service properly and purchase the appropriate license while being conscious of the spend involved.

Best, Blotout Team

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Hi @blotout-team
I can see you sent a mail on June 18th to support and it was redirected to sales, but got lost somewhere. I have pinged sales.
Sandboxing is part of the Enterprise Edition and follows the commercial license.

Thank you. Looking forward to the response from sales.