Error connecting to a athena

Hi everyone,

i setup a connection between metabase and athena, but i have this error:

[Simba]AthenaJDBC An error has been thrown from the AWS Athena client. Permission denied on S3 path: s3://dm-cliente1/Trip/tsc=CLEX_SARA_TSC_001/anno=2022/mese=4/giorno=7/part-00002-ba1c91c6-830f-4c04-b798-e86df89a8e26.c000 [Execution ID: f1d065d0-562a-4705-a21c-39718c18d1cb]

any idea?

i can query all on athena, but cannot connect meta to athena...
edit: metabase is running on a docker container hosted by aws

Hi @aresb
The error is Permission denied on S3, so it is a permission problem somewhere in your Athena.

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