Error reported when running Metabase free open source version through jar file

We have upgraded the Java version according to the requirements, but still reported an error, which is quite long. It is unclear what caused the error. The following image shows the error content. How can we correct it to install it correctly

Is it because I directly replaced the previous old version with the latest version? The old version is 0.42. If I can install the latest version of free open source locally and keep the data from the previous old version

Did you use a Postgres or MySql as an application database?

use mysql ,metabase v0.41.2 upgrade 0.47.6 Failed to update H2 database: serror ,Java is the version of document configuration, and the metabase is deployed on the local server to update the latest metabase. The previous dashboard is cleared, and the file is also saved and replaced in the directory of the latest metabase


I have resolved this issue and did not migrate the database