Error Starting Backend Server - Syntax error (IOException) compiling at (/tmp/form-init7961961400806051699.clj:1:73)

@dyaw-drexel I think you’re seeing HeadlessException because you are not using lein ring server-headless and it’s trying to open a browser window, but is not able to.
The latest version of Leining is 2.9.1

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@flamber Almost there! I got both the frontend and backend to successfully deploy. However, when I go to port 3000, all I see is a blank white screen

What I did different this time:

Used Lein 2.9.1
Made sure only to use sudo for setting up applications
Set the JAVA_HOME variable and added it to PATH

@dyaw-drexel I don’t know what you mean about sudo for setting up applications.
Check your browser console for errors, if nothing is shown in the Metabase log.

@flamber I do get this as well: 12-04 19:54:45 WARN routes.index :: Locale ‘en’ not found.

@dyaw-drexel That’s a warning, ignore it. It’s because how the Jetty is implemented, when running through lein.

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@flamber Looking at the network logs - it looks like its trying to send me to localhost rather then the IP

200 GET / document html 6.17 KB 23.15 KB
GET localhost:8080 script 0 B 0 B
GET localhost:8080 script 0 B 0 B
GET localhost:8080 script 0 B 0 B
200 GET apple-touch-icon.png img png cached 8.71 KB
200 GET favicon-16x16.png img png cached 789 B
GET localhost:8080 script 0 B 0 B
GET localhost:8080 script 0 B 0 B
200 GET analytics.js

Yes, because that’s the default configuration. Not sure if development environment allows you to change to an external address.
You can change MB_JETTY_HOST environment variable:

I would highly recommend that you do not run a development environment directly on the internet. This is so bad from every point that I can think of.

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@flamber That’s a good point. I’ll set up the VM on Hyper-V to use the internal network rather then external. Thanks for all of your help here and fast responses!!!

All is working great now. Thanks again @flamber!

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