Error: There was a problem with your question: Cannot read LocalDate using a Types.SMALLINT field

I updated my table with a new column, and everything is there and correct in MySQL.

Database: MySQL / MariaDB
Column Type: YEAR
Column Name: Year
Column Data: Populated via Script

All that said, everything was working before my last data import, and everything imported correctly.

There’s no specification of which field it’s having an issue with, but that’s the only real change to the table.

Anything I need to do to possibly update the schema or something?

I get the message in the title, and the more detail just trying to view the table of data in Metabase.


Hi @bmcgonag
I’ve created an issue for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thank you. I’ll look into changing the type to int(4) for now. I appreciate it.