Error when Exploring results of a mongodb native query

Error When Exploring a mongo native query. Logs shows endpoint not found and have 2 slashs in path.

OBS: Open the image in a new guide to see details

Metabase 0.41.5 running on docker on Ubuntu.

Hi @trialsin
Mongo is currently not supported as nested queries: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post


Just clarifying... the error is relative to the "native query" and not the "nested query"

@trialsin Clicking "Explore results" is the same as selecting "Saved Questions", which is a nested query, similar to multiple aggregations or some uses of Custom Column.
All in all, Mongo has limited support in Metabase compared to many other database types.

Oh! I got it.

I moved the native query to a mongdb view and now I can use the view in Metabase to do filters and summaries

Thank you