Error with field parameter


I'm trying to put a field parameter on a column.
Basically, I want to filter my query by category.

Here is the sql :
SELECT date_trunc('month', "public"."Cuts"."harvestDate") AS "harvestDate", "RawInHouseSheets__via__RawInHouseSheetId"."category" AS "RawInHouseSheets__via__RawInHouseSheetId__category", sum("public"."Cuts"."quantity") AS "sum"
FROM "public"."Cuts"
LEFT JOIN "public"."RawInHouseSheets" "RawInHouseSheets__via__RawInHouseSheetId" ON "public"."Cuts"."RawInHouseSheetId" = "RawInHouseSheets__via__RawInHouseSheetId"."id"
WHERE "public"."Cuts"."harvestDate" >= date_trunc('year', now())
AND "public"."Cuts"."harvestDate" < date_trunc('year', (now() + (INTERVAL '1 year')))
AND "RawInHouseSheets__via__RawInHouseSheetId"."category" = {{categorie}}
GROUP BY date_trunc('month', "public"."Cuts"."harvestDate"), "RawInHouseSheets__via__RawInHouseSheetId"."category"
ORDER BY date_trunc('month', "public"."Cuts"."harvestDate") ASC, "RawInHouseSheets__via__RawInHouseSheetId"."category" ASC

I put the field filter, added the category but have the error : ERROR: syntax error at or near "=" Position: 676

I don't understand why.

Any help would be nice!


Hi @LouiseSelego
Please read this: