Experience of upgrading to 0.31

No good here:

I think we may be looking at the same problem. For existing questions, date formatting isn’t correct.


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I’m confused, because, for me, MySQL Date columns are being formatted alright:

Did anyone notice that now we can’t add data (result of another question) to question that shows numbers. In the previous version I created a graph like this, but after the update. There’s no option. Am I missing something? or it is not possible now?
It was a useful feature to compare two different figures and visualize them :worried:

Still there for me (on hover):

Or is this something else?

No, I’m talking about numbers only (no group by). The picture I shared above was the graph of only numbers (without any group by).
Here is the visualization of what I’m trying to describe.

The questions which gives out only a single number aren’t working as they used to do.

Yep, you’re right. My existing questions comparing 2 numbers work, but it’s not possible to create any new ones.
One for 0.31.1

Dear @maz would you please look on this thing. It will be a great help.

Thanks for all the reports, everyone. I’ll spend some time investigating the things you’ve run into. Thanks for your patience, and I’ll post here if I need more info or if I have any updates.


Hi all.

  1. So for the date formatting issues, are you only experiencing the problem with SQL/native queries? I.e., if you do a “Custom” question with the graphical builder, are your date formatting options working correctly? If so, we have this issue tracking this problem: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/8906

  2. I reproduced the issue with no longer being able to combine Number (scalar) saved questions on dashboard cards, and that’s being tracked here: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/8948

We’ll hopefully address both of these issues in a 0.31.1 release.


I’m getting the date formatting problems on old questions using Custom. The options don’t appear as expected and the options that are available don’t always work.

I can’t get any time formatting working at all, neither via builder or native SQL. It simply does nothing here.

@maz, I’m also not unable to apply any of the new nice formatting options to a bar chart :frowning:

Do you see any JavaScript console log errors (or server log errors) when trying to apply any formatting options, @lucas.lima? Regarding the bar chart formatting, what are you trying to do and what is not working exactly? Like, are you going to the Visualization Options, then the Data tab, then clicking on a gear next to a column to format the way your y-axis numbers look for example?

@AndrewMBaines Thanks for the additional info. I reread your previous comments above real quickly, but just to double check, is it correct that your data formatting problems are only with pre–existing Custom questions?

So far, it’s only been a problem for existing questions.
Old question, date column:

Same data, created as new:

Both are just raw data, no grouping or summary information,

Hi all, v0.31 is a great version, with features I have been looking forard to, and thanks a lot for the fabulous work of the development team. I am running the jar file on a windows7 pc, and I can login to the homepage, however unfortunately without any of the questions and dashboards I bulit in last months. When I switched back to version 0.304, everything looked fine. So is there anyone encountered the same problem with mine? And I hope some great guys can help me look through it. Thanks.


That is what I’m trying to do.
When I tried to change to “Scientific”, for instance, I could see a JavaScript error, something like “Scientific can’t be applied to that field”. But, percent returns no error, and, yet, it does nothing to the numbers themselves (using either the decimal or the corresponding percentual values).


I’ve been talking about those issues, but, hey there!

This issue

has been a major drawback for our usage of metabase since I started using it, because our DataBase relies badly on the indexes to perform properly (resulting in questions that, when written in SQL, would take 3 seconds, but, via query builder, 5 minutes).

NO MORE, BABY! Somehow, you MB guys managed to, through the usage of the timezone stuff in the query filters, cast away the usage of a DATE() function over the filtered column, resulting in MUCH improved query perfomance. I’m in love with that!

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Hi Usama,

This is interesting. I’ve just built a scaler question on the new version in our staging environment.

Perhaps you can expand a bit more on how this is not working. I am interested because we are aiming to upgrade in the next week but not having the scaler capability makes it a NO GO for us.


Hi @Maryke
You cannot merge two scalars - by using the Add button. So unless you use the merge feature, then it doesn’t affect you.