Experience of upgrading to 0.31

I thought it would be good to have a catch-all topic for discussing experiences upgrading to the latest 0.31 release.
I’ve upgraded my Windows server running Metabase as a service with a MySQL database for Metabase. Question data in SQL Server.
Went as smoothly as ever, just waited a minute or so for Metabase to do its thing.
New formatting options are great. Can now do proper formatting of tables.
Have you seen the mini charts?!!?!?

New gauges are great too. Just need an option to make really small to be perfect. Would be nice to be able to condiditionally format a single number too.

And don’t get me started on the new mixed charts:

Plus abbreviated dates:

And ‘real date formatting’ set globally:
Looks like most of the annoying absences have been fixed, plus some great additions.
Still can’t turn off x-rays (as far as I can tell so far) which is annoying though.
Oops - it’s in there after all. X-rays can now be disabled. DBAs rejoice.
I’ll be upgrading my Ubuntu server later today too.


In this upgrade you can turn off the x-ray feature. It is in the general settings (Admin Panel)
Screenshot_2018-11-09%20General%20%C2%B7%20Settings%20%C2%B7%20Admin%20%C2%B7%20Metabase :slight_smile:


My experience is that it’s sadly broken my installation… Upgrading to v0.31.0

I’ve no experience of Docker, but losing everything when using Metabase in Docker doesn’t appear to be unusual.
I didn’t comment earlier as I hadn’t upgraded my 2nd server. I wanted to wait to test an upgrade using the default H2 database. Upgraded an hour ago, worked perfectly.

Revert to backup, make copy of the database files, try again?

How on Earth did you do that amazing mini chart thing? I want it, and I want it now! lol

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Regular table, select the settings of a numeric column. There’s an option to show a mini bar chart:
I can’t see a way to change the default colour though.

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One thing I noticed: I set the default currency formatting to show currency name i every cell. When I change it on the question, to show it in column header, it show both in header and in every cell.

Smart Numbers are my new favorite.

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Please keep it coming.

Did you find the shortcut for getting to column formatting?


Trend lines are another cool feature we added for time series charts (i.e. any metric broken out across a time dimension):


Some other quick notes/questions:

  • We haven’t added the ability to select the color for mini bar charts, but it’s on our list for future improvements.
  • How small would you ideally want a gauge to be, @AndrewMBaines?
  • @lucas.lima I’ll look into that currency formatting issue.
  • @nmg Glad you’re liking Smart Numbers!

Just a thing: you guys are working so hard, and so well, that, since I did not update my instance from 0.29 to 0.30, now I’m having to send an email to my entire company, so I can introduce them to 0.31 without so much trobule, and showing them all metabase can do now. It is being really amazing, REALLY good job. I’m happy with metabase, it never disapoints.

By the way, yes, I could easily find the column formatting shortcut. Quite handy!


For the guage charts (and simple number), I’d like to be able to shrink it down to 2x2 or even 1x1 to show just a load of simple metrics. Sometimes, you don’t need much detail. I’m using a guage to show how many credits are left on an online account. Doesn’t need to be more than a number and a dial. Doesn’t even need to show a numeric scale.

New input: all my metrics are agone after the update. Segments are ok, but I need to redefine all the metrics again.

Buuut, for some weird reason, questions are still getting the metrics. Check that:

The first two columns are old metrics.

Can you see anything in the Metabase database?
I don’t use metrics much, but they’re still showing on my server. MySQL backend with SQL Server for the data.

Gee, they are all there, but they aren’t shown in the table metadata or in the query builder. Weird.

ohh, there is a column called "Show in getting started. They are all set to false. I still use the H2, how can I change that?

Oh, never mind. I kinda get what happened. I had a bunch of questions out of any collections in my previous version (0.29). When I launched the 0.31 instance, they all went to the “Migrated stuff” collections. I then moved all the questions/dashboards/pulses from those Migrated collections to “Our analysis”, and, then, archived the Migrated collections. That might have archived the metrics as well.

What I dont get is why am I not being able the unarchive them. I click on it, but it has no effect,

Another oddity. Conditional formatting is being lost.
I’ve two rules, one for value =0, the other for value>0. The >0 rule is being ignored. Deleting and recreating is fine though.

Another one: tIme fields (MySQL datatype “Time”) are not being formatted to 24h as configured.

Am I missing anything?

Try the column format.
I’m having another error - it’s trying to sort a time field by day:
fails with conversion error.

It’s also displaying a date field with 24 time etc:
Even though sort is still supposed to be by day and that column is a date field.

No good here:

I think we may be looking at the same problem. For existing questions, date formatting isn’t correct.


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