Export charts as images and possibility to change colours

We are so satisfied by the excellent level of Metabase platform that we have completely entrusted our BI and reports to it.

Unfortunately we have run into a “graphic” issue:

We need to create Powerpoint presentations (as I think a lot of other users) but so far we can’t export chart as images nor change the colour unless using Firebug on Chrome (and it’s still a pain :disappointed:)

Would you be open to consider

  • Export charts and tables as images

  • Letting users change colours of charts (even legends and lines because they need a darker tone)

Thanks in advance, we :heart: Metabase


I would like to chime in with this request. It is not rare to have a breakdown with more than 5 series.

In the pie chart, you can limit the minimum slice percentage, but it is not possible everywhere and I do not wish to tinker with SQL to limit the number of series everytime…

Same here - using this everyday now and generating awesome insights. #1 feedback is the charts are hard to read - need to modify the styling, Are there CSS files we could play with/import?