Hello everyone
I can know are there any risks or problems if I create queries in database type mysql 5.7.7 in metabase and when I import this database to my local with a database mysql version 5.5.15

Hi! the minimum recommended version for MySQL is 5.7.7, so I’m afraid this could cause unexpected issues https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/operations-guide/migrating-from-h2.html

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@Luiggi Thank you so much for your reply :grinning: , but I’m talking about importing the metabase database into sql after when I created my queries , it’s not the migration from h2 to mysql , is there the same problem ? I hope you understand me

@khawla Metabase does not support MySQL 5.5.15 - doesn’t matter if you migrate or try with a new setup. You should really figure out how to upgrade, since it’s an outdated version and you’ll have problems with other software too in the future.

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okey thank you so much @flamber