Export into google sheets?

Can I export query results from MB into google sheets?

Not directly, though you can use the down arrow download button to get a .csv dump of a query result and then upload that to google sheets as a workaround.

If you feel strongly about this feature, we welcome pull requests and new github issues.

I developed this Google Sheets add-on and have been using it for a while, has worked pretty well, even though it is very simple: https://github.com/bplmp/metabase-google-sheets-add-on

it looks great! just a quick question on how to get through username and password if I'm using SSO.

I'm not sure you can actually use the API using SSO / Oauth. Metabase has basically no documentation on how to implement this, although they do have endpoints that theoretically make it possible. This thread might help you: Accessing REST API with Google OAuth.

Though if your concern is security, I believe setting up a dedicated user just for accessing via API (with a really strong password) should work fine, as long as you handle the credentials safely.

I was using the Google Sheets add-on and was pretty happy with it. Unfortunately it happened to get some issues. I thought it might be due to the "Token-Reset" that was mentioned, but unlucky. Any ideas for this..?