Exporting questions results with formatting as per the question

We have set up some questions that generate a results table. We have customized the column titles. The data is also displayed in a certain way but when you export it to except it exports everything directly as it is in the database. Is there a way to export the table and preserve the custom headers and other formatting?

Hi @stuart

In the upcoming 0.33 the column name on export will use the Display Name defined in Admin > Data Model.
But as for other visual customizations like formatting is not preserved in the downloaded export.

I think the idea is that you would export the raw data because you need to use/analyze it with other tools. And you would apply whatever formatting in those tools.

I cannot find a feature request for it, so you’re welcome to create one - please describe the request in details, it will help others to find it and upvote:
And please post a link here after you’ve created it.