Extending/leveraging Metabase Webserver

Guess this is a longshot but Im trying to avoid having to deploy a separate webserver (apache/ngnix/jetty etc…) to provide additional material/functionality related to the content in a specific metabase installation.

For example, if I had a static html page called “mystuff.html” could I share it through the metabase server and access it as a resource/endpoint, something like: http://localhost:3000/mystuff.

I know we have the cards option but Im looking to include functionality such as html form submission that would be, I believe, beyond its capabilities, and yes I could reverse my approach an embed metabase in a separate application but Im trying to minimize my overall footprint.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @brianwilson
I would recommend that you setup another webserver, which would also allow you to easily control certificates (like Lets Encrypt) and connection handling for Metabase via reverse-proxy.
But you would need to compile your own version to do what you want, since you need to add the file to ./resources/frontend-client/ and setup a route in ./src/metabase/routes/index.clj
I doubt that Metabase will allow adding/uploading various files, since it could easily become a security issue, but you’re welcome to open a feature request.