External database

I installed Docker Desktop on two computers, one is a windows computer and the other is a Mac. On the Mac I created a postgresql container, where I set up my database that I want to connect to Metabase, for which I also set up a container on port 3000. I am not able to perform this task, it tells me that the connection is failing and I don't know why.

Hey pilarita

To make sure I understand, you set up two instances of Docker on two different machines. However, the postgres and Metabase containers are on the Mac at the moment?

For the Host connection, are you using ‘host.docker.internal’

Something else to check is if both of the containers are on the same network.

Running the following commands in your terminal will help with this.
docker network ls → will show you the docker networks

Once you have a list of existing networks, you can review a particular one.
docker network inspect <’name of your network’> → will show you the containers in that network

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