External (Metabase level) linkages in data schema

A lot of application schemas are constructed without any DB level foreign keys, as this is enforced in the app code. Is there (or does it make sense to create) the same at a meta level in Metabase ? This would allow cross table navigation even in schemas without native FKs.

If you hand edit the data model in the admin, you can manually add FK relationships.

This will cause the UI to treat the tables as if they were linked (so it shows up in filters, aggregations and the row detail view). The query processor will construct the SQL needed. Obviously constraints, etc are not enforced if you do this as we don’t actually define FKs in the underlying database.

That is great Sameer. Did not know that.
I am using Metabase for Mac. Could not find a way to do this in the UI. Can you please point me to some docs on this ?

BTW … great job on the product. I have just started exploring, and am loving it as a tool

Dont worry, see it now. Awesome