Feedback on version 0.33

Chinese language disappear,It is planned?

Hi @gflp123
Yes, because the translation wasn’t updated.
If you want to help out with the translation, then you can do it here:
If you’re fast, then it will be included in 0.33.1, when it’s released.

Yep. The way we approach translations is currently as follows:

  • To be added as a new language, a translation must reach 100%
  • If an already-added translation falls below 90% translated over time, it will be removed in the next release.
  • To be added back in again, a language must again get back to 100% translated.

This is to make sure that new Metabase users won’t encounter a UI that is an ugly, confusing mix of English and the preferred language they’ve set in their browser.

Before each major release, we notify members of the POEditor translation project several times a couple of weeks beforehand to remind them to please update translations.

Hope that makes sense.


Busted, broken, and buggy. The devs should be ashamed, honestly, it’s just unacceptable.
Conditional formatting is broken entirely.
UI behaves strangely super frequently (I’m using the most recent Safari), e.g. forms/panels disappear, or can’t be closed, or shrink into near nothingness…
And the icing on the cake:
ALL THE NUMBER FORMATTING HAS RESET TO DEFAULT, i.e. all the % and $ are gone. Hopefully I can salvage it. Hopefully. Ohmygod I am so mad right now.

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I think Metabase is a great product with huge potential. That said, my main customer is still running 0.31.2. The 0.32 release was a big change at the database side and never seemed to be good enough to upgrade them. With 0.33, the problems reported with formatting are making me very wary of upgrading as they only use fairly simple dashboards rather than users doing their own querying.
Test driven development is all very well, but something needs doing somewhere as too much is slipping into the release software.

@DreamDweller Really sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with 0.33 so far. Let me try and answer some of the things you pointed out.

  • The conditional formatting bug was fixed and will be included in 0.33.1:
  • We spotted one rendering bug with Safari / the Mac app, which will be fixed and included in 0.33.1. If you want to do me a big favor and let me know specific areas where you’re seeing problems with rendering on Safari, that would be amazing. I’ll be spending a bit of time with 0.33 in Safari myself this morning as well to see if I spot anything else.
  • I saw you opened up a separate topic about number formatting, so I’ll follow up about that there.

Apologies again, but we’re actively looking into these things. Additionally, we’re making bug fixes our primary focus for about the next month.


Sorry to hear that, Andrew. Can you point me to any specific issues/bugs on the database side that have been particularly problematic for you / your customers so I can take a look at getting them prioritized?

Bizarre behavior of column checkboxes in exploration mode. Firefox browser. Choose a table with more columns than will fit vertically onto the screen. Show Editior -> Columns … Scroll down … Uncheck a column. Uncheck another column… shortly you’ll see that click seems to do nothing… where upon you see that the click in the lower part of the list is actually checking/unchecking a value 75% of the way further up the list!

Side note — I have an option for “Select All” but no option for “Deselect All”?

@blaplante I think you’ll be interested in this issue - go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post:

Look at all the updates for the 0.32 release - 10 and they’re all bug fixes, mostly due to the new database layer. With 0.33 there are already problems being reported regarding the pie charts and number formats.
My concerns are less about any single problem, more a concern that testing isn’t being done sufficiently. My customer’s dashboards have become critical to their business - if they’re not working, it’s harder for them to tell how well their carers are doing and whether any client visits are late.
Once 0.33.1 is released, I’ll test their dashboards with it, but want to see more testing done on the UI.

Now you have shared with us this witchcraft.

Hi Team,
Is there any issue with filters or am I missing something here?

Best Regards

Hi @maz,

Could you clarify if there is any internally agreed timeline for fixing the nastiest issues in 0.33 with 0.33.1?

Best regards,

Yes, we’re currently targeting Tuesday Sept. 3 to release 0.33.1 with as many bug fixes as possible.

Hi, it seems that 0.33 no longer allows you to group data without an aggregation selected (and it defaults to ‘count’).

We used this in pretty much all our dashboards/questions to be able to limit the columns that would
appear in a table.

I get that 0.33 included the ‘columns’ selector on the editor page (somebody has already made a GH issue about the problems with that tool), but that doesn’t change the fact that all our already built dashboards are now broken.

Can I get some clarity on why this change was made?

Please add a way to stop the question jumping to chart visualization when we tweak the question. Maybe in General Settings -> Disable choosing some pointless vizualation. Tables all the way…

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Don’t you like waiting 2 minutes for the incorrect map to display? :rage:

Hello @maz, thank you for your product

The main issue I am struggling with is that the results are greyed out whenever I change the query.
To replicate:

  • Go to Ask a question => native query
  • Write an SQL query
  • Get the results and interact with them (example, copy a cell)
  • Add a comment to the query (something the doesn’t affect the results)
  • Results are greyed out (so I need to re-run the query to be able to copy cells again). I would expect the results NOT TO be greyed out, like it was in previous versions

I find this feature quite hard to live with, and I am rolling back. What’s the rationale behind adding it? Is there any configuration to disable it? I really don’t see the value, but maybe I am missing something.

Looking forward to hearing back,
have a nice day,

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Hi, Alfredo. Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback.

The intent with that change was to reclaim some of the space taken up by the run button by only displaying it when the query is changed, as the assumption was that the majority of changes to the query would also change the result. But the use case of adding comments was one I overlooked.

I’m currently actively looking into ways we could potentially improve the SQL editing experience. Would you be willing to do a brief call with me to tell me more about how you are using Metabase and SQL? You can reach me at maz [at] metabase [dot] com.


Sounds good, will get in touch