Field Filter not work

hi guys,

I try to use a field filter in a my question, but see that message,

Hi @wsca
You cannot use table aliases for the columns used in Field Filter, as noted in the documentation:

hi @flamber, okay …

I tried to create a subquery but a have a same message…

I think to resolve this problem I have to create a physical description column :thinking:

hi… I changed my table, but the error is continue…

But you are not querying the table that you are including in the Field Type.
You would need to do something like:

select filial, desc_filial, saldo_lote from sch_unibi.estoque_lotes_bi
left join sch_unibi.filial_bi on ##what ever your joining ID would be##
[[where {{desc_filial}}]]

Note the schema is included. That is need for Oracle, when using Field Filter.

it’ work @flamber, thank you for one more :+1: