Field filters in HAVING clause - or field filter as string


I am having some issues using Field Filters in Metabase for a simple variable text replacement.

I am well aware of how to use field filters in a normal WHERE IN clause, but it would be amazing if it would be possible to have it replace the {{object}} as a variable instead of building the IN statement.

Use case:
Right now I am trying to find cases where at least one of a group has a certain property.
I am doing this with the HAVING clause like

HAVING COUNT(CASE WHEN col = 'some string' THEN col ELSE null END) > 0

I would love to replace ‘some string’ with a user input, which is where I have used the Metabase variables, but I can’t do it from a predefined dropdown since it does more than just add the string there.

Is there any way to do this as of now? If not, consider this a feature request.

Thanks in advance.

Not with a dropdown, just by typing which is what you’ve already done.
Only alternative is by embedding the dashboard.