Field Filters


I am just curious as this problem is alluding me.

I set up a native query with field filters as I have been for a while. I have not encountered something like this before. Essentially its mapped to a certain column in a table (I had some trouble with aliases but figured that problem out through multiple questions on discourse) with “[[]]” so it will aggregate over all rows unless specified.

The weird thing is that when I set [[where category = {{category}}]], it seems to aggregate everything else but that specified category. I managed to get what I wanted by setting it to:
[[where category != {{category}}]], however that just doesn’t make sense to me.

It would be great if someone could clarify what is going on so that I can wrap my head around it.

To be clear, I have found an ad-hoc solution to this but I just want to know how it works haha.


Hi @Wasiq
Please read this article about Field Filters:
When using Field Filters, you should not reference the column, since that’s handled in the sidebar.