Filter by current month but include null

Sorry if this has already been answered, but I'm having trouble getting this to work.

I have two tables, one has monthly spend amounts by month and category, and another has monthly goals by category.

Spend table: ID, Month, Category, Amount
Goal table: ID, Category, GoalAmount

From the spend table, I do a right join against the goal table on the category field, and by default it returns all categories including ones where there is no spend yet for any months.

What I want to do is filter by current month, but also include any categories from the goals side where there is no matching spend in the current month. But what happens is adding the current month filter also removes the empty categories. What's a good way to approach this?

Hi @linucksrox
You'll need to use a Custom Expression with OR:
interval([Month], 0, "month") OR isnull([Month])

Perfect, thank you!