Filter by date since 2 months

I'm currently working on computers that appears active or inactive in our domain.
I have a filter called "last_seen_date" which displays a specific date.
I want my "last_seen_date" filter to display PCs that havent been connected to our domain since 2 months from the day where we are looking at the graph.
For exemple, today is April 8 2022 and I want to display PCs that haven"t been seen since February 8 2022.
Tomorrow is April 9 2022, and I want to display PCs that havent been seen since February 9 2022, etc...
English isn't my native language, sorry if this is hard to understand.

Hi @Cyp
You are essentially looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

But you can create a Custom Expression filter like:
NOT interval([last_seen_date], -60, "day")

Other examples of doing time comparison, which uses some of the same functions you need:

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Thanks for your quick reply !
Unfortunatly this is not what I'm looking for.
I just want to ignore PCs that where connected the 2 previous month from today and display the rest and make the date to self-refresh so I dont need to change the date everyday.
I would like to invert the "previous", instead of saying "I want PCs since 60 days", I would like to have "I don't want PCs since 60 days". Is this possible ?
Thanks in advance.

@Cyp That's exactly what my example does. If you need some more complex, then use SQL.

Thanks again for your reply !
I see now how to do it.
Have a nice day !