Filter by month does not work

i created a question that shows a table data with year as the column and month as the month.

The table looks like this

The issue is that when i drill down the data, it shows no result. For example, I click on 6 from June 2024, the intended outcome is to show the 6 rows of data but instead I got no result from it due to the filter not recognizing June

When i remove June from the filter and manually add the date range of June, it shows the correct rows of data. How do i fix the drill down to filter correctly and if I cant do that, how do I just disable click behavior for the table

A good practice is to check tables' metadata and play with them, eventually trying to spot differences between columns that should not be there.

except that there are no columns that are out of place. The issue is that the filter does not recognise "June" which is why I am trying to find a solution for the filtering. Thanks anyway for the help