Filter data per user


I have a large postgresql database with sales information where some users (vendors) can only query data related with their sales.
This security is implemented using their usernames in a field in main facts table.
Users are configured using LDAP, so same login names are available as login users of Metabase.
The problem here is, using only one instance of Metabase, is there any way to enforce a filter of the data user can query using Metabase, based on their username?


Hi @christian
What you’re looking for is called “row level security” or “sandboxing”.
That functionality is only available in the Enterprise Edition:

If you only need the vendors to have limited access (no navigation through data), you can embed the dashboard in an IFRAME and filter the data yourself.

I solve this in the following way:

1 - I create a SHA256 hash for each of my vendors
2 - I create public dashboards that filter data using this hash and I configured it as a required filter.
3 - This way the filter operates as a login.



Hi @flamber, I miss that in the documentation.
Unfortunately my project can’t afford the cost of an enterprise subscription.
Thank you