Filter does not refresh all cards related to it

Sometimes takes up to 3 refreshes of the browser page for them all to react.
Some return what appears to be cached results.
Has anyone found a way to force a full refresh of all queries?
I have turned off caching but that did not help or affect change the behaviour.

Version 0.44.1 on Chrome
Backend : Snowflake.
Filters does not refresh all cards related to them.
All cards are SQL query driven.

Hi @corpmagic
I have not heard of this before.
Try using Incognito-mode (without any extensions), or another browser.
It sounds like you have a reverse-proxy, which might be interfering. Check the browser developer Network-tab, and look in the query log on Snowflake to match if queries are being executed.

Thank you. I'll take a look at those options