Filter Last available data

I want to filter last month data, but no last 30 days from today as I have found but last month of available data.
That is,
today is 24/4
but last data I have available is 31/3
so I would like to filter all march instead of 25/3 to 24/4 as I get now, because I have no data from april...
any suggestion? is it possible to do it without doing a special query just to filter dates and joining queries?

With another project I used a saved question as a initial table with data filtered by last month available but to add a filter now... If I have to change the table of the question, I have to redo all the questions again... and thats a lot of work. Because that's another important question... any TIP to change the origin of a question and not loosing all the work done??

Have you seen the “relative date” filter? You can select a “starting from” date

Is that what you’re looking for?

Thanks Luiggi!
I would like to be authomatic filter (as a default one). I think that's a manual option, isn't it?

There’s a setting to set default values

But 30 days, 3 months... if I'm not confused thats from today, not from last data available.

that's from today, but you can set a "starting from"

i can write the point from "starting from" but what I would need is to automatically get the "last date available" as point... thanks anyway

There’s not a filter for “last day available”, but you can get this via a max function if I’m not mistaken