Filter list invalid

Filter list invalid when non-administrator views dashboard
v0.31.2 (Latest)

Without more information, we cannot help you.
Make sure that the user have permissions to the database, where the filter list comes from.

I am the administrator, the field of the filter for the dashboard is the 'nick' field from a different table.

Does the users (non-administrators) have permissions to that table?
Can the users execute the question with similar filters in the Question Browser?

users (non-administrators) have permissions to table, and often appear。

Okay, I cannot reproduce this with Sample Dataset. Please provide steps to reproduce.
Do you see any errors in the Metabase logs or browser console?



Okay, so there are no errors, you just don’t see a drop-down, when using the same filter on different tables.
That’s a known issue - go and upvote by clicking :+1:

yes,When can this problem be fixed?Will it be fixed in the next version?
When is the next version expected to be released?

@beta I don’t know.