Filter 'On' Indicator for individual Dashboard Cards

When I filter a dashboard, I am not sure which filters are applied to which cards unless I edit to see which filters are assigned. Sometimes a filter on the dashboard does not apply to all of the cards uniformly. I occasionally have users ask me which filter is being or not applied. I am almost 100% sure I posted this on this forum before but cannot find it.

Would it be possible to have some sort of small filter indicator (icon) on the card that is displayed or filled in when a filter is applied? Down the road, it would even be cool to hover over that small darken filter icon and see the specific filters that have been applied to that card. Might be overkill but a neat way to help users understand if a filter has or has not been applied to a specific card on the dashboard.

Hi @Slickrock22
Perhaps you know the person who created this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

@flamber Thanks! Lol! At least I am not totally losing my mind!