Filter on pin map click

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I have 2 metabase questions, in the first one I have a pin map each pin have a asociated code, and other question that have a set of values that must been filtered with the code of each pin, in this moment i must click on pin, copy and paste the code for that pin in filter box press enter, but the idea is filter on pin click, there are a way to do this?


I don’t think it’s currently possible. I guess in particular for picking points on a geographical map it’s super useful.

Similar discussion/request recently came up in this topic:

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@dsuarez I’m having a very similar case here. It would be very useful if this worked like you described.
Have you seen this issue?
Upvote if its helpful.

(How did you put your metabase background color black?)

@isisgo This topic is more than 2 years old - a lot has changed in Metabase since.
You can enabled night mode in Public/Embedding of dashboards, but not the entire app yet: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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