Filter , SQL/native queries as the starting table for GUI-based questions

In order to use drill-through, I use the results of SQL/native queries as the starting table for GUI-based questions. But when I add it to dashboard,I can’t use filters.

How can I do?

Hi @dropsun
Which version of Metabase?
Which database are you querying?
Are you using group-by/summaries-by in the nested questions or just filters?
Which type of filter are you trying to add to the dashboard?

version is metabase0.32.10
database is MySQL

in SQL/native queries : select department,user,sum(cost) from tablesA group by user

GUI-based questions : select department sum(cost) from tablesA group by department
Then,I add it into dashboard, but I can’t use department filter in dashboard.

Are you seeing an error in the dashboard, when using the filter? There was a problem displaying this chart
Check the Metabase log for errors, I’m fairly sure you’ll see something that ends with …:error (not (integer?
If yes, then you’re seeing this issue:

Hi, @flamber

Thankyou ,my version has been update to 0.33.0 now. in 0.33.0 it work well, without this problem.