Filtering for existing questions does not work

I'm on v0.45.2, but the issue was the same on 0.45.1 (and possibly earlier also): Filtering existing questions or dashboards does not work at all.
For example, typing a keyword in the searchbox when creating a new question and "Pick your starting data" lists all questions and dashboards and database, regardless of what was actually typed. The same thing happens with the global search box.

What information do you need about the setup to help troubleshooting?


I am not able to replicate what you are having. If I understood correctly I should have the whole list here but i only get the searched references. Can you share an image maybe?

Yes that's exactly it, when I type "prod" I still get the complete list of all questions, dashboards, collections and databases including all that do not contain "prod" in the name.
I did want to share a screenshot but I'm having a hard time finding an example that does not display potentially sensitive data, so here only with the first item in the list:


and in the global search box: