Filtering order of FK'd attribute

I have two tables that are linkedin metabase. The filed is defined to return a label columned from the dimension rather than display the key value when displayed in metabase. If a filter is applied to this linked field, as the auto complete populates the values are sorted by the key rather than the value of the linked label that it returns. Would be helpful if the sort order is based on the label value rather than the key in such instances.

Hi @brianwilson
It sounds related to these issues:

yes, its related but more specific to the way the autocomplete list renders and sorts the displayed list - its currently uses the ‘ID’ rather than the displayed value.

But isn’t that exactly issue 9490?

I dont believe so. In 9490 I think the OP is asking to filter on the value of the label in the FK’d table. That appears to work for me however the order of list rendered is based on the ID not the label. Thus, if I typed SmithMary in the filter, the list rendered might be:

where each is a unique record with a unique Id - multiple SmithMary in the table.
(p.s. Im filtering on the linked table field (e.g. person name) attribute not the field that is linked in the source table ( e.g. person_id)

Okay, now I understand it. I’ve been trying to find a request/issue, but can’t seem find any, so I would recommend that you create one - and please drop a link here for reference :+1: